Vinyl entrance doors

The front door is the calling card for every house. It gives your home an inviting appearance and protects against burglars, noise and the elements. Main entrance door systems from aluplast combine modern design with the highest degree of service life.

We make vinyl doors based on the Infiniti and Energeto systems.

Plastixal Infiniti Vinyl Doors

Advantages of Plastixal vinyl entrance doors

  • main entrance doors made of Vinyl require low maintenance and have an average service life of 30 years
  • modern technologies guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as well as burglary resistance
  • enormous energy savings potential and recyclability protect the environment
  • Vinyl doors are highly cost-efficient
  • Vinyl entrance doors are resistant to weathering, exhaust gases and cleansing agents
  • due to the durable vinyl material your main entrance door will not lose value in the long term – and therefore your home will neither
Plastixal Infiniti & Energeto Vinyl Doors
Vinyl doors cross-sections with glass or panel inside

The low Vinyl door threshold

The low door threshold with a height of 8 1/8” inches meets the requirements for construction without architectural barriers and allows trouble-free entry and exit.

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